Why you should care about your indoor air

If you care about your family’s health, you should care about the quality of the air inside your home. Allergies, illness, and long-term health can all be affected either in a positive or negative fashion depending on the quality of the air inside your home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency the air inside your home can be 2 to 10 times worse than the outside air. It is difficult for our immune system to keep up with the abundance of particles, germs and gases that are locked inside the tight, energy-efficient homes that are built with today's construction methods.

Think about this: You know how when you see the sun’s rays streaming through a window and you can see all of the dust floating around in the sunbeam? There are millions of microscopic particles that float around in the air all the time. And those in the sunbeam are the ones that are actually big enough to see.  Ninety eight percent of all airborne particles measure below 1 micron in size and are invisible.

So imagine breathing all of those in. Your body’s lungs are like a filter. They will filter out the larger particles, yet these smallest of particles that are potentially the most injurious to your health pass right through.  The Clean Air Defense System “protects your air space” by clearing the air inside your home of harmful particles, biohazards such as viruses, and gases from chemicals.

Explore our site to find solutions to each of these dangerous hazards and protect the air space inside your home. With the Clean Air Defense System, you can:

  • Control the dirt and dust that accumulates inside your heating and cooling system
    that can reduce its efficiency by as much as 30 – 50%.
  • Control the allergens that cause allergic reactions and asthmatic attacks.
  • Control and deactivate organisms such as germs, mold, spores, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Control the noxious odors created by people, pets, smoke, solvents, carpets, and vinyl coverings.
  • Control the toxins created by pressed-wood products and other materials that cause human ailments.


COPD Awareness


Did you know that Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is the 3rd leading cause of death and some 30 million people are living with COPD in North America? More people die annually of COPD than breast cancer and diabetes combined and furthermore, there are an estimated 14 million people living with COPD who have never been diagnosed.

Indoor Air Quality is obviously a major focus for our industry for all the right reasons. Over the years, home comfort systems have evolved dramatically to improve the air people breathe. But until recently, IAQ has not been as important as it is today, which has contributed to health issues for millions. 

We understand we can’t change the past, but we can react to this epidemic and help educate our friends and clients about COPD and lung health. We can encourage people to be screened and tested. If diagnosed early enough and treated, people can live long and productive lives even with COPD.

As a national partner of the COPD Foundation we are committed to helping to reach people that are already affected by COPD. We want to help put COPD on the map and rally support to help people living with COPD. 

With over 30 million people in North America living with COPD, it is likely that we all know someone that has COPD, and probably someone that could have the disease who has never been screened or tested. 

COPD is an umbrella term to describe progressive lung diseases characterized by increasing breathlessness. Emphysema, chronic bronchitis, refractory asthma and bronchiectasis are all forms of COPD. People should be screened if they experience:

  • a chronic cough
  • chest phlegm
  • feeling of a tight chest
  • breathlessness after walking up a flight of stairs or a hill
  • limitations of doing activities at home
  • sleeplessness due to breathing issues
  • lack of energy

We are proud to have adopted the mission of the COPD Foundation as part of our corporate identity and culture.

Let’s all help to make a difference by taking a proactive stance to help the COPD Foundation provide help and hope to families living with COPD. Please consider joining forces with the COPD Foundation and adopting our mission. Together we can take action today so more people will be able to breathe better tomorrow.                                                                                                         

Is your home making you sick?

Thousands of years ago when humans began populating the earth we lived outdoors breathing fresh air that was constantly being cleansed by Mother Nature. Thunderstorms, lightning, and ultraviolet energy from the sun continually cleansed the outdoor air. Although our outdoor air is more polluted today than it was thousands of years ago, Mother Nature is still at work keeping the outdoor air as clean as possible.